Volta STAGE 1 – 5.12kwh Wall Mount and floor standing battery

R19,479.51 Inc. VAT

Volta Lithium Ion Battery are relatively lightweight and can be recharged quickly. Comes in both a wall mount and floor stand configuration. The Volta Lithium-ion Battery can support 8 units in parallel to reach 40kwh. Volta Stage 1 Battery is an ideal lithium-ion battery for use in a variety of solar solutions.

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Product Model: VOLTA STAGE 1
Nominal Capacity: 100AH
Cell Type: LFP
1C/1C Continual Charge & Discharge
Standard Charge Voltage: 56VDC
Maximum Discharge Current: 100A Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 44.8VDC
Maximum Parallel Units: 8
Design Life: 6000 Cycles @ 80% DOD @ 25°C
Installation Type: Wall Mount & Floor Stand

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