SRNE SR-EOV05S-220 5.12kWh (51.2V 100AH)

R29,670.00 Inc. VAT

SR-EOV05S-220 5.12kWh Description

Easy to upscale

  • Up to 4 batteries in parallel expand to 20.48kWh
  • Up to 2 systems in parallel with double storage & output

User Friendly

  • Get started quickly and use it instantly
  • Min. width of just 13cm, saving space in the home


  • High quality lithium iron phosphate cells
  • Proven Li-ion battery management solutions

Easy to install

  • No matching and commissioning required, ready to install
  • Plug-and-play, eliminate the clutter of wires


  • Support Wifi view real-time data through APP
  • Large LCD screen with real-time data

Designed for families

  • Support Off-grid/Hybrid/On-Grid output
  • Multiple charge and discharge modes available

Remote operation

SR-EOV05S-220 5.12kWh is equipped with WIFI and Bluetooth communication, it supports Tuya cloud platform and can view battery information remotely.

Waterproof protection

IP65 waterproof rating, can be used in harsh environment.

• Emergency power supply

• Home backup storage

• Solar power storage

• Telecommunications backup power storage

• Data storage/UPS backup power storage


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