Sonoff 4CH Pro R3 Smart Switch Wifi and RF

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Sonoff 4ch Pro R3

Firstly Sonoff 4CH Pro R3 is a 4-gang Wi-Fi Smart Switch with RF control. It is designed to give you the ability to integrate smart control into your existing home. It has 4 gangs that can be used to control lights as well as other home appliances at the same time in four areas of your home. Additionally there is a major difference between 4CHR3 and 4CHPROR3, which is 4CHPROR3 is designed with an additional function for RF control. However the function is purposely adopted to allow you to turn on/off the devices connected with 4CHPROR3 via the RM433 remote controller.

Compared with 4CH PRO R2, you can access self-locking, interlock as well as inching mode on APP directly.
The new improvement is for users to set these 3 working modes on eWeLink APP instead of the hardware itself, furthermore making it easier to operate.
Furthermore you can enable self-locking mode to turn on/off 4 connected devices independently, interlock mode to turn on 1 connected device every time and turn off the rest of devices simultaneously and inching mode to turn on 1 connected device and then make it turn off automatically after a given time (0.5 – 3600s).


  • Remotely control connected lights or devices via APP
  • 3 working modes with self-locking, interlock and inching mode
  • Support scheduling a timer to make devices automatically start and stop to work
  • Customize smart scenes to make the device connected with the switch to trigger other devices
  • Share the control permission of devices to other accounts to control together
  • Check real-time ON/OFF status of devices on your mobile phone
  • Power on state allows users to set the On/Off/Keep status for the connected device before power failure and ensure it remains the arranged status after power restoration
  • RF Control
  • DC Input


  • Voltage Range: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz(DC: 9-23V)
  • Max. Load: 10A/2200W/Gang 40A/8800W/Total
  • Wireless Frequency: WiFi 2.4GHz
  • Wireless Standard: IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz2.4GHz(2400M-2483.5M);&nbsp
  • Security Mechanism: WPA/WPA2
  • Enclosure Material: PCV0
  • Gang: 4
  • Dimension:145*90*34 (mm)
  • Operating Temperature(recommended): -10ºC-40ºC(14°F-104°F)
  • Operating Humidity: 5%-95%RH, Non-condensing

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