Revov CUBE 800 with SunSynk 6kW Rack Mount Inverter with 2 x LiFe R100, 51.2V 100Ah Batteries All in one

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The REVOV CUBE 800 is a compact, fully integrated, all-in-one backup system with pre- programmed
inverter pre-connected batteries and Battery Management System (BMS), a 6kW inverter with 7800W
MPPT. The entire unit contains all the necessary wiring and correct fusing, thereby making it quick to
install and easy to store.
The complete 10.2kWh units are perfect for residential or small businesses requiring backup. This DC
system stores energy, detects grid status, and automatically supplies your home or business when
the national grid is compromised.

• The CUBE 800 is a 6kVA/10.2kWh pre-configured
bi-directional UPS inverter, capable of feeding back
into your local grid and with an immediate backup
transition from grid to battery power
• Provision for the attachment of solar panels with
built-in MPPT solar charge controller, capable of
7800W input at 500VDC
• Warranted for daily cycling with built in NRS
compliant protection
• Pure Sine Wave AC Output- long-lasting and safe,
with no damage to appliances
• Remote monitoring function as standard
• Three phase & parallel configurations available
on request (3 CUBE units)

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