GoodWe 10kW Premium System with Optimisers

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1 x GoodWe GW10K-ES-C10 Hybrid Inverter
3 BYD BatteryBox LV5.0
18 x Trina Solar TALLMAX TSM-555DE18 Mono 555W
1 x 18 Panel Tigo Optimiser Kit
Tigo Optimiser Functions:
Rapid Shutdown
Tigo Optimiser Features and benefits:
Suitable for up to 700W solar modules
The higher performance optimizer with Predictive IV Technology (PIV)
The ONLY optimizer with selective deployment
Includes the benefits of Safety & Monitoring
Meets US NEC rapid shutdown requirements
Optimizes right out of the box
Shade and age tolerance to maximize lifetime yield
Works wirelessly with the TAP & CCA
25-year warranty

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