Copper Lugs Pre-Pack of 10 (6mm)

R47.50R60.00 Inc. VAT

Cable Lugs are electrical connectors used for connecting or terminating electrical cables to electrical appliances, transformers, junction boxes, control panels, etc.

Connectors are also used for joining two power cables together. A lug has two ends, a tubular end through which cable is inserted and a flattened end which is bolted to the appliance or surface.

After cable insertion, the lug can be crimped with a crimping tool or soldered or welded. Lugs come in different sizes corresponding to cable size and sizes are marked on the palm area of the lug.

Suitable tool and die set is used to crimp them to cable or wire. The terminal ends are usually made of copper or aluminium and comes in different sizes and current carrying capacities. Proper care has to be taken and selection done according to low voltage or medium voltage requirements.

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